Zlatko Fras

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

It is my great honour and pleasure to invite you to the 23rd annual Alpe Adria Cardiology Meeting, which will be held at Bled, Slovenia, from June 3 - 6, 2015, and organized by the Slovenian Society of Cardiology.

Alpe Adria Annual Cardiology meetings are major events in cardiology and vascular medicine as well as cardiac surgery in the region covered and extended by the area of Southern part of the European Alps and the Adriatic Sea. The association of cardiologists in the Alpe Adria region was founded in early nineties as an initiative of a few highly recognized cardiologists, who were truly concerned with the need to share progress in clinical medicine and research. The founding fathers were strongly aware of sharing the same tradition, history and culture, despite individual particularities and inequalities in our economic and political development. The great potentials of professional networking in cardiology across the region were recognized and given the opportunity to flourish.

It is true that the Alpe Adria cardiology association nowadays lives only through it's annual meetings, but having the opportunity to know each other better through regional networking enables us also to encourage communication in many other ways – not only by inviting each other to our national congresses and major thematic scientific meetings, but also by collaborating better together within the European Society of Cardiology, between the national cardiac societies and our institutions. Besides the promotion of scientific and professional exchange and dialogue among the 'Alpe Adria cardiologists', one of the major motifs to continue organizing these meetings for such a long time is a highly recognized priority to stimulate young cardiologists and cardiology fellows to present their scientific work and give them an excellent opportunity to practice their presentation skills in front of distinguished international peers. All these ultimately lead accelerate the fight against premature mortality and morbidity from cardiovascular diseases.

I hope you will enjoy our 23rd annual meeting at beautiful Bled, one of the true pearls of Slovene Alpine region, and find an inspiration for further development of Alpe Adria Cardiology association. Carefully prepared scientific programme offers the floor to all cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and other specialists interested in cardiovascular medicine to present their scientific work, serves for personal exchange of professional and research experience, discussion of controversies, listening and learning. Topics covered will include prevention, diagnosis, and management of cardiovascular diseases including acute coronary syndromes, arrhythmias, valvular heart disease, hypertension, dyslipidemias, heart failure, as well as peripheral and carotid vascular diseases among others. We are confident that the programme, consisting of plenary lectures, symposia and free communications, will maintain high scientific standards of the previous meetings. In order to achieve all this, we have invited many internationally outstanding experts from the broader fields of cardiovascular medicine.

The Board of the Slovenian Society of Cardiology respectfully join the longstanding belief of the International Scientific Advisory Board, consisting of nominated colleagues of the officially represented societies, that these meetings should stay and also in the future remain a great challenge and a significant added value not only for the national cardiac societies from the region, but for the entire European cardiology as well. Therefore, I kindly invite you on behalf of our national society and the organizing committee of the meeting to join us again in Slovenia under the very initial motto of the meeting: »In the middle of Europe, in the middle of the heart«.

Looking forward to welcome you also personally,


President of the Slovenian Society of Cardiology and Chairman of the Meeting